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Astronomical Object
    Second planet from the star Sol
    About 67 million miles from the Sun
    25 million miles from Earth
    7,522 miles in diameter
    Formed the same time as Earth
    96% carbon dioxide, 3% Nitrogen, 1% trace amounts of various elements
    Contains two continents Istar Terra and Aphrodite Terra
    Venus Transit first observed by Jeremiah Horrocks and William Grabtree (1639)
    Mariner 2 was first successful space probe (1962)
    Sixth largest planet in the Solar System
    First discovered by the ancient Babylonians (1600 B.C.)
    Surface is mostly composed of flat plains and occasional depressions
    Atmosphere mostly carbon dioxide
    Named after the Roman goddess of love
    Has no natural satellites
    No one knows who discovered it.
    It may be the least hospitable place for life in the Solar System, covered in floating clouds of sulfuric acid.
    The average temperature is 900°F--hot enough to melt lead!
    There are no satellites, magnetic field or oceans.
    It's rotation is in retrograde, with the Sun rising in the west and setting in the east.
    A Venusian day is equal to 243 Earth days.
    Craters, over 1600 volcanoes, mountains, highland terrains and vast lava plains cover the planet.
    The clouds in its atmosphere are composed of sulfuric acid, which reflects 65% of its Sun light.
    Atmospheric pressure on its surface is 90 times greater than it is on Earth.
    Its days (243 Earth days) are longer than its years (224.7 Earth days) due to its slow rotation.
    No unmanned mission to its surface has ever returned.
    Before it was explored and researched extensively, many assumed that the surface was similar to Earth and could sustain life.
    It is rumored that women originated from here.
    Venus is the third brightest object in the sky (behind the Sun and Moon)
    Because of its brightness, it has been observed since prehistoric times.
    Other than Earth, it is the only other planet named for a female.
    The name was given in honor of the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The planet's symbol resembles one of her hand mirrors.
    It is called Earth's 'sister' due to similar size, mass, density and volume. Its composition is very similar to Earth's, as it has a iron core and a molten rocky mantle.
    The space race between the United States and the Soviet Union led to much exploration of the planet, including over 20 visits by spacecraft.
    On June 8, 2004, Venus moved between Earth and the Sun . This was the first Venus Transit in over a century.
    Frankie Avalon, Shocking Blue and Bananarama all had hit songs titled 'Venus.'
    Its name is shared by tennis star Venus Williams.
    It has been visited by over 20 spacecrafts.
    It is referenced in the works of many science fiction writers.
    The Magellan, a U.S. space probe, mapped 98% of its surface before being partially vaporized as it plunged into its surface.
    It was subject to much Cold War exploration missions by both the United States and the Soviet Union.
    Its rotational pattern around the Sun is the most perfect of any of the Solar System's planets with less than 1% eccentricity.
    It can be clearly seen just before Sun rise or just after Sun set (leading to its nickname as either the 'Morning Star' or the 'Evening Star').

Credit: BC and Captain Howdy

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