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A.J. Benza

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The Resume

    (June 2, 1962- )
    Birth name is Alfred Joseph Benza
    Sports writer for Newsday
    Gossip columnist for the New York Daily News
    Tagline is: 'Fame, ain't it a bitch'
    He wrote 'Fame, Ain't it a Bitch: Confessions of a Reformed Gossip Columnist'
    Host of 'Mysteries and Scandals' on E! (Premiered: March 9, 1998)

Why he might be annoying:

    Because of the stigma of effeminate gossip columnists, he bends over backwards to be the macho tough guy.
    Chuck Zito accused A.J. of insulting him, so he punched A.J in the jaw and knocked him out.
    A.J. not only thought this is the right thing to do, but brags about it.
    When Stuttering John Melendez put through phone calls insulting A.J., he slapped John and was banned from the Howard Stern Show (July 24, 2001).
    Donald Trump has a court order against him.
    He rarely wears underwear.
    He said: 'I do consider myself a take-no-shit kind of guy, but I'm also sensitive to a million things.'
    He is divorced.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He graduated C.W. Post University.
    His E! Show 'A.J. After Hours' was cancelled after a few episodes.
    He was born in Brooklyn.
    As a goof he told a reporter that he worships REO Speedwagon.
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    A.J.'s Exclusive Picks - Most Annoying
    Who do I find annoying? Besides me - and believe me, I hate the sound of my own voice more than anyone you know - who shall I chose? Well....
    I hate that little fuckin' Haley Joel Osment. He shows up at the Oscars and acts like Gregory Peck. Such a friggin' pro. I remember when he was shitting green.
    I dont see the country's attraction with Frankie Muniz. He looks like a refrigerator magnet. Enough of him already.
    I hate the 'West Wing' TV show because, so far, they have yet to top the drama that occurred in the White House when Bill Clinton lived there.
    Forrest Whitaker's eye bugs me. It's too cock-eyed to have had him land so many choice roles. I feel sorry for black actors. Not only is it nearly impossible to land decent movie roles....but now they have an actor with a dead eye stealing their roles.
    And why is Chris O'Donnell employed? He is not a good actor...just another effeminate male who Hollywood shoved down our throats. Same goes for John Leguizamo. Now, this man can act his ass off on stage - he's brilliant - but why does Hollywood call on him to play Italian roles? Is there a shortage of Italian character actors? Hell no. So quit dialiing Leguizamo's number.
    Harrison Ford uses the same expression in every film. He acts like he is being different, be he's not. His face is the same face in every movie.
    I dont trust Meg Ryan because I'm skeptical of any woman who doesn't speak with her mom.
    Della Reese and that Goddamned TV show - 'Touched By An Angel' - is horrifying. And she condescends when she acts to the audience. She is lucky to have landed a TV deal, otherwise she'd be selling some miracle make-up product on an infomercial.
    That little fuck who stars in the film 'Lord of the Rings.' Does he know that anyone important couldn't give a rat's ass for this show?
    I think Lucille Ball was overrated. Bob Hope never made me bust a gut and Mort Sahl was so unfunny is was funny.
    I hate all reality shows. The contestants are all wannabe actors who are TOLD what to do for the benefit of ratings.
    I swear the Crocodile Hunter does nothing but bother peaceful animals. They're just sitting there, minding their own business, and suddenly some nut pulls them out of the tree or hole and starts to antagonize them. Here's hoping he suffers a bite.
    I wanna know why Rob Schneider is still allowed to make movies for Hollywood.

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