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Video Games

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Disaster Relief

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Awards: Teen Choice

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Access Hollywood

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Mad Magazine

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Awards: People's Choice

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Pop Matters

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Child Stars

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10 Creepiest Celebrities [2011]

Amateur Radio Operators

Associated Press Entertainer of the Year

Branson Entertainers

Censors and Wannabes

Channel 4's Top 10 UK's Most Pointless Celebrities [September 2005]

Charlamagne Tha God Named Me Donkey of the Day

Dead Celebrity Cults

Disney Legends Award

DoSomething.org's Top 20 Celebs Gone Good [2017]

Entertainment Agents

Entertainment Organizations

Entertainment Tonight's 10 American Favorites [2006]

Entertainment Weekly's 50 Pop Culture Moments the Rocked Fashion [1983-2008]

Entertainment Weekly's 50 Smartest People in Hollywood [November 2007]

E-Poll 20 Creepiest Celebrities [2008]

Esquire's Best Actors of 2007

Facebook's Top 10 Entertainers [2014]

Founding Members of the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences

Gawker's Most Annoying Celebrities [2021]

Golden Boot Award Recipients

Golden Boot Award: Founder’s Award

Golden Boot Award: In Memoriam

Hudson Record's Top 10 Entertainment Stories of 2009

I am a Member of Artists United Against Apartheid

I am in Public Broadcasting

I am Managed by Starstruck Entertainment

I Attacked the Paparazzi

I Attended Dave Chappelle’s 50th Birthday Party [August 25, 2023]

I Attended Diana Ross' 75th Birthday Ball [2019]

I Attended the Opening Day of Disneyland [July 17, 1955]

I Attended Truman Capote's Black and White Ball [November 28, 1966]

I Don't Like to Rehearse

I Smashed/Blew Up a Toilet

I Won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony

In Touch's Hollywood's 10 Thriftiest Stars [October 22, 2007]

Liquid Generation's 10 Colossal Celebrity Wipeouts

Liquid Generation's 10 Craziest Award Show Crashers

Listennotes Top 30 Podcasts Everyone Should Tune In To [2019]

LittleThings 25 Celebrities Unrecognizable In High-School Yearbook Photos [2014]

My Backstage Rider is on The Smoking Gun

National Radio Hall of Fame

New York Daily News' 50 Dumbest People in Hollywood [December 2007]

Newsweek's Top 10 Accidental Celebrities

One Award Away from EGOT

Parade Magazine/Entertainment Tonight's Top 10 Favorite Stars [November 2008]

Pittsburgh Tribune's Top 10 Most Pointless Celebrities [September 2005]

Pop Eater's Top 10 Most Infamous Celebrity Interviews

Radio Disc Jockeys

Scarborough's Top U.S. Market for DVD Purchasers [2007]

Sour Apple Award


Teachers Who Inspired a Movie

Tell Tales' 20 Most Popular & Trending Celebrities [2019]

Top 100 Old Time Radio Moments of the 20th Century

TotalBeauty's 20 Most Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos [2009]

TruTV's Dumbest People [2012]

Variety Magazine's Top 10 Entertainment Icons Over the Last 40 Years

Victims of the Hollywood Star Whackers (According to Randy and Evi Quaid)



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