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The Cure

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The Resume

    (1976- )
    Formed in Crawley, England
    Robert Smith (April 21, 1959- ) vocalist/guitarist (1976- )
    Michael Dempsey, bass guitarist (1976-1979)
    Laurence Tolhurst, (February 3, 1959- ) drummer/keyboardist (1976-1988)
    Andy Anderson, drummer (1983-1984)
    Phil Thornalley, bassist (1983-1985)
    Boris Williams, drummer (1985-1994)
    Porl Thompson, guitarist (1985-1993)
    Simon Gallup (June 1, 1960- ) bass guitarist (1980- )
    Matthieu Hartley, keyboardist (1980-Late 1980)
    Roger O'Donnell, (October 29, 1955- ) keyboardist (1989-1992) (1993- )
    Perry Bamonte (September 1, 1960 -) synthesist/guitarist (1990- )
    Jason Cooper, drummer (1995- )
    Recorded Albums:'Three Imaginary Boys,' (1979) 'Boys Don't Cry,' (1980) 'Seventeen Seconds,' (1980) 'Faith,' (1981) 'Pornography,' (1982) 'The Top,' (1984) 'The Head on the Door,' (1985) 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me,' (1987) 'Disintegration,' (1989) 'Mixed Up,' (1990) 'Integration,' (1990) 'Wish,' (1992) 'Wild Mood Swings' (1996) and 'Bloodflowers' (2000)
    Recorded and Performed Songs Including:'A Forest,' 'Primary,' 'Let's Go To Bed,' 'In Between Days,' 'Close To Me,' 'Why Can't I Be You?,' 'Just Like Heaven,' 'Hot Hot Hot!!!,' 'Fascination Street,' 'Love Song,' 'Lullaby,' 'Never Enough,' 'Pictures of You,' 'A Letter To Elise,' 'High,' 'Friday I'm In Love,' 'Purple Haze,' 'Mint Car,' 'Wrong Number' and 'Maybe Someday'

Why they might be annoying:

    They had so many members quit and join, that it's hard to keep track of them.
    Robert was addicted to heroin (1981-84).
    Robert's hairstyle is crazy looking and the whole group's style is rather freakish.
    They are no longer taking music tours in America.
    Most of their fans in the US showed up to concerts in all black clothing.
    Them and their fans are described as 'clearly not cheerful lot.' Even their backdrops on stage are known for their drabness.
    There was a lot of rumors that said they were going to break up.
    Some of the fans should consider sending them hairbrushes.
    They allowed Hewlett Packard to use their song 'Pictures of You' in a digital photo products ad campaign.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They've been described as 'bordering on self parody.'
    Robert played a fire breathing gothic monster on South Park.
    They performed around a big Christmas tree in Chicago (1997).
    While described as 'often out of fashion,' they are also described as 'never out of style.'
    Their albums have been 'beautifully dark and moody' and they have been described as 'very talented and genius.'
    They've had a bunch of hits on US and UK charts and have had sold out performances all over the world.
    They are labeled the 'Godfathers of Goth,' 'The Masters of Melancholy' and 'The Kings of Doom and Gloom.'
    Fans have a chance at winning three track audio samplers of their music.
    They donated a guitar for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's charity auction.
    They say that their Trilogy Show 'took a lot of mental and physical preparation.'
    Their influences include Joy Division and The Sex Pistols.

Credit: Skunk Butt and Whitestrpsrocker

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