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David Lee Roth

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The Resume

    (October 10, 1954- )
    Resides in New York City
    DJ replacing Howard Stern on the east coast (January 3, 2006-April 21, 2006)
    Sang/Acted in 'Over the Edge (1979),' 'Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986),' 'How I Got Into College (1989)' and 'Private Parts (1997)'
    Albums include 'Crazy From the Heat' and 'Eat `Em and Smile'
    Recorded 'Jump,' 'Janie's Cryin,' 'Hot For Teacher,' 'Panama' and 'Ice Cream Man'

Why he might be annoying:

    He smokes.
    He was hot for teacher.
    He does not age well, at all.
    He fought with Van Halen members and was voted out of the band.
    Van Halen members grew tired of his wild sexual antics on and off stage with strippers.
    He trashed hotel rooms, causing the entire band of Van Halen to suffer.
    He has tattoos on his upper right arm.
    He abuses alcohol and drugs.
    His nickname is 'Diamond.'
    He is rumored to have stuffed socks in the crotch of his pants to lure women.
    His trademarks are long hair, scarves and bright, printed Hawaiian shirts.
    Van Halen tried to reunite with him, but he verbally attacked Eddie Van Halen at an MTV awards show.
    He has a hair weave.
    His career has pretty much dwindled to nothing.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He did fairly well for a brief time in his solo career.
    He was considered a sex symbol during the '80s.
    He always had a lot of half naked models and strippers swarming around him and in his videos.
    He and Van Halen got their start when they were discovered by Gene Simmons.
    He s studying to become a paramedic (2004).

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