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King Richard I

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The Resume

    (September 8, 1157-April 6, 1199)
    King of England (Plantagenet line: 1157-1199)
    Known as 'Richard the Lion-Hearted'
    Ruled from 1189-1199
    Born at Beaumont Palace, Oxford
    Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane
    Brother of John Lackland
    Spent childhood at mother's court
    Fought with Philip II of France against his father Henry in 1188
    Crowned on September 2, 1189
    Prolific crusader
    Conquered Cyprus in 1191
    Returned to England to find Philip II had seized power with John
    Defeated Philip in 1198
    Died of a minor wound from a skirmish in Aquitane

Why he might be annoying:

    He was the king of England, but for all intents and purposes a Frenchman.
    Even his native language was French, not English.
    He ruled England for ten years, yet spent only six months there.
    Had he been at home rather than off on crusades, his brother John could not have schemed against him.
    His rule was marked by family conflicts and revolts by his brothers against their father and each other.
    The story of Robin Hood was said to have taken place during his reign, but it did not (Robin Hood was more likely to have lived during the reign of Edward II).
    His crusades ultimately failed in their goal to liberate the Holy Land.
    He died after being struck in the shoulder with an arrow and refusing treatment for the infection.
    He was buried in France.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was renowned for his bravery in battle.
    During the Crusades, he was willing to reach a truce with Saladin to secure a safe path for Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem.
    He and Saladin had great respect for each other despite being arch-enemies.
    He gave Saladin some of his prized falcons; in return, Saladin sent him his finest horses after Richard's own horse was killed in battle.
    He finally returned to England after hearing of John's treachery.
    He was immortalized in 'Ivanhoe' and, inaccurately, 'Robin Hood.'

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