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Ricky Harris

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The Resume

    (October 5, 1965-December 26, 2016)
    Born in Long Beach, California
    Birth name was Richard George Harris II
    Appeared on HBO's 'Def Comedy Jam' in the 1990s
    Directed and starred in several popular Snoop Dogg videos
    Best known as Malvo on Everybody Hates Chris (2005-09)
    Played a recurring role as J.W. Willis on 'Moesha' (1996-98)
    Acted in ‘Bones,’ ‘Poetic Justice,’ ‘Dope,’ 'Heat,' 'High School High,' 'Father's Day,' 'This Christmas,' 'Dough Boys,' and 'Mid Life Gangster'

Why he might be annoying:

    He looked like Ghostface Killah from The Wu Tang Clan.
    He was typecast as con-men; usually gangsters, deadbeats, pimps, or any combination of the above.
    He thrived with the Def Comedy Club after Robin Harris (no relation) took him under his wing, then fell out of favor after Robin passed away.
    He walked off the stage during the New York Def Comedy Primetime special when his cordless mic started going in and out.
    His funeral attracted more news coverage than the announcement of his death, after a fight broke out in which Snoop Dogg was allegedly punched in the face by gang members who infiltrated the event (it remains unclear if their beef with Snoop had anything to do with Harris specifically).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was known for both his impeccable comic timing and off-the-wall physicality.
    He was childhood friends with Snoop Dogg, and the two even sang in the church choir together.
    He was close friends and colleagues with Warren G, Cedric the Entertainer, Questlove, Sinbad, and Ice Cube.
    He is fondly remembered for playing the slick Malvo on 'Everybody Hates Chris.'
    Previously, he had made a very strong impression on audiences in the 1993 movie 'Poetic Justice,' opposite Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur.
    He did voice work for the characters DJ EZ Dicc, TaaDow, and Saul-T-Nutz from various skits featured on assorted Snoop Dogg/Tha Dogg albums.
    In a livestream condolence, Snoop Dogg claimed that Harris was 'the first comedian from Long Beach [and] the first entertainer to make it from Long Beach.'
    He had suffered a stroke two years prior to his death, limiting his ability to work consistently (family members found him unresponsive in a coma in the days leading to his death).
    He was posthumously disrespected by ratchet people who lacked the common decency not to antagonize mourners at a funeral (Sherri Shepherd didn't help matters by livestreaming the whole thing while ranting incoherently about the incident).

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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