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Ray Bradbury

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The Resume

    (August 22, 1920-June 5, 2012)
    Wrote 'The Martian Chronicles,' 'The Illustrated Man,' 'Fahrenheit 451,' 'The October Country,' 'Dandelion Wine,' 'A Medicine for Melancholy,' 'Something Wicked This Way Comes,' 'I Sing the Body Electric!,' Quicker Than the Eye,' 'Driving Blind' and 'From the Dust Returned'

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a newspaper boy (1938-1942).
    He never attended college, but claimed he 'graduated' from the library at twenty-eight (1947)
    He is afraid to fly.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He wrote the 'Moby Dick' screenplay.
    His 'Fahrenheit 451' is his statement against censorship (paper combusts into flames at 451°F).
    He won the O. Henry Memorial Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America, Gandalf Award for Lifetime Contribution to Fantasy, Locus Award, Prometheus Award and the PEN (Poets & playwrights, Essayists, Novelists) Center USA West Lifetime Achievement Award.
    The National Book Foundation award him its Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters (November 15, 2000).
    He said: 'While art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all.'
    He recovered from a stroke.
    He's brought 'Ray Bradbury Theatre' to the Sci-Fi Channel.
    Not wishing to be involved in politics he was upset with Michael Moore parodying his 'Fahrenheit 451' for his political anti-Bush 'Fahrenheit 911.'
    Research: Tim Howard

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