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The Steve Harvey Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (August 25, 1996-February 17, 2002)
    Aired on The WB
    Created by Winifred Hervey
    Steve Harvey as Steven 'Steve' Hightower
    Cedric the Entertainer as Cedric Jackie Robinson
    Merlin Santana as Romeo Santana
    Tracy Vilar as Sophia Ortiz (Season 1)
    William Lee Scott as Stanley 'Bullethead' Kuznocki
    Netfa Perry as Sara (Season 1)
    Wendy Raquel Robinson as Principal Regina Grier-Maddox
    Terri J. Vaughn as Lovita Alizay Jenkins-Robinson (Seasons 2–6)
    Ariyan A. Johnson as AishNetfa Perry a (Season 2)
    Lori Beth Denberg as Lydia Liza Guttman
    Premise: A sitcom about a retired 1970s music singer who holds a job as a music teacher and later a vice principal in a public high school campus

Why The Steve Harvey Show might be annoying:

    Steve Harvey's character's name is Steve Hightower even though the show's name is 'The Steve Harvey Show.'
    It has yet to have all of its seasons on home media.
    Jerry Springer made a guest star appearance.
    Steve calls Regina 'Piggy' due to her weight in her past.
    Coretta often incorrectly calls Lydia, 'Linda,' 'Lisa' and 'Lucy.'
    Tracy Vilar, Netfa Perry and Ariyan A. Johnson were part of the main cast for just one season.
    The Lady of Rage and Tracy Vilar played teenagers on the show even though they're adults.

Why The Steve Harvey Show might not be annoying:

    It won 13 NAACP Image Awards.
    It aired for six seasons, which it lasted longer than Steve Harvey's previous sitcom, 'Me and the Boys.'
    It was the last videotaped sitcom on a TV network.
    Its name should not get into confusion with Steve Harvey's talk shows and radio show.
    One of its two songs from the show, 'When the Funk Hits the Fan,' was performed on Steve Harvey's syndicated daytime talk show in Chicago.
    As Terri J. Vaughn was pregnant in real life, her pregnancy was featured in the show's last season.
    It had Merlin Santana's final main TV role before his death in 2002.

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