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Hockey Coach

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He is a pretty boy.
    He never played a game in the NHL.
    He was fired by the Kootenay Ice, after he went behind the team’s back and interviewed for the vacant head coaching position for the men’s hockey team at the University of Alberta.
    His win-loss record from his six game stint with the Rangers isn’t acknowledged, as he was an emergency replacement for David Quinn.
    Some hockey pundits felt his hiring by Edmonton was solely to keep Connor McDavid happy by surrounding him with people he was previously familiar with.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was lauded for being an excellent communicator with younger players.
    He posted a record of 298–130–16–13 in the WHL and OHL combined.
    He was the first coach in CHL history to guide a team to four consecutive 50+ win seasons.
    He served as the Rangers acting head coach for six games after the team’s coaching staff was out due to COVID-19 protocols, posting a 4-2-0-0 record (2021).
    He guided the Oilers from a sluggish start to narrowly winning their first division title in his first 69 games as head coach (2023-24).

Credit: Eddie Burphy

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