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Toronto Blue Jays

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The Resume

    (1977- )
    Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Two World Series Championships (1992, 93)
    First non-U.S. team to win a World Series
    First and only American League expansion team to win two World Series
    Only expansion team to win back-to-back World Series
    Former and current Blue Jays include Alfredo Griffin, Roy Howell, Dave Stieb, Jesse Barfield, Lloyd Moseby, Dave Collins, Dave Stewart, Fred McGriff, John Olerud, Joe Carter, Paul Molitor, Roberto Alomar, Carlos Delgado, Roger Clemens, Shawn Green, Roy Halladay

Why they might be annoying:

    They didn't win a more than 60 games per season until their fourth season (1980).
    They were considered underachievers throughout the 80's.
    Mascot B.J. Birdie was ejected from a game against the Twins after umpire Jim McKean found what it was doing to offensive (1993).
    They were on pace to finish under .500 in the 1994 season after winning the World Series in '92 and '93 but the strike hit.
    Their stadium has a hotel built into it, and at one game fans got to watch a couple screwing in one of the rooms, because they left the curtains open.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They won their first game 9-5 against the Chicago White Sox (1977).
    Roy Howell drove in 9 runs and got 5 hits in a 19-3 win against the New York Yankees (1977).
    Although ending their inaugural season with a 54-107 record, they attained 1,701,052 fans in attendance.
    Bobby Cox made his managerial debut with the Blue Jays organization (1982).
    They sold beers for $1.75 on July 30, 1982.
    George Bell became the first Major League player to hit 3 home runs on opening day (1988).
    Joe Carter is one of three players to hit a walk-off home run in a World Series (1993).
    They won back-to-back World Series.
    They were the first team to win back to back World Series since the 1977-78 Yankees.
    Roger Clemens won his 4th and 5th Cy Young Awards in a Blue Jays uniform (1997, 98).
    Many consider Carlos Delgado the best natural power hitter in the game.

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