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    (September 9, 1850- )
    31st state to join
    Capital: Sacramento
    Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claimed California for Spain (June 27, 1542)
    Sir Francis Drake sailed the coast of California and claimed it for England (June 17, 1579)
    When Mexico won its independence from Spain, California declared itself a self-governing province of Mexico (1822)
    Mexico ceded California to the US (1848)
    Size: 158,693 square miles (ranks 3rd)
    Motto: Eureka (I Have Found It); Golden State
    Bird: Valley Quail
    Flower: California Poppy
    Tree: Redwood
    Song: I Love You, California

Why California might be annoying:

    The highest recorded temperature in the U.S. was at Death Valley, 134ºF (July 10, 1913). The lowest recorded temperature in California was -45ºF (-43ºC) (January 20, 1937).
    They have the most car accidents of any state.
    Severe earthquakes have shaken California many times.
    Calif introduced sales tax (for education) (August 1, 1953).
    Allan Bakke, a white student, was denied admission to U of Calif Med School (October 12, 1977). He sues due to reverse discrimination. Calif law ended affirmative-action (November 3, 1997).
    Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of Carmel (April 8, 1986) and Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs Calif (April 12, 1988).
    Orange County filed for bankruptcy (December 6, 1994).
    39 (Hale-Bopp) cult members in California committed mass suicide (March 27, 1997).

Why California might not be annoying:

    They produce the world's most prunes.
    More native lilies grow here than any other state.
    More blondes live here than any other state.
    They are the only state to grow almonds.
    James Marshall found gold in Sutter's Mill in Coloma (January 24, 1848). President Polk, triggered the Gold Rush of '49, confirming the gold discovery (December 5, 1848).
    the Pony Express began between St Joseph Mo & Sacramento Calif (April 1860).
    Asteroid #341 is named California (September 25, 1892).
    Grauman's Chinese Theater opened in Hollywood (May 18, 1927).
    The first color newsreel was filmed in Pasadena (January 1, 1948).
    California Supreme Court voided the state statue that banned interracial marriages (October 1, 1948).
    The first photo of genes was taken at USC by Pease & Baker (January 7, 1949).
    Element 103, Lawrencium, was first produced in Berkeley Calif (February 14, 1961).
    California passed the first 'no fault' divorce law (July 6, 1970).
    Sara Jane Moore tried to assassinate President Ford in San Francisco (September 22, 1975).
    The first killer whale was born in captivity at Marineland (February 28, 1977).
    The 23rd Olympic games were held in Los Angeles (1984).
    Lisa Leslie of Morningside HS in Inglewood Calif scored 101 points in the first half of a basketball game (February 7, 1990).
    They have three NHL hockey teams: the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks.
    They have three NFL football teams: San Diego Chargers (1960- ), Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49'ers.' The LA Rams moved to St. Louis.
    They have four NBA basketball teams: San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. They also had the San Diego Rockets (1967-71) who moved to Houston.
    They have five Major League baseball team: San Diego Padres, Anaheim Angels, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers.
    They had two XFL football teams: the SF Demons and LA Xtreme (Only XFL Champions).
    Some celebrities born in California include Gracie Allen, John Steinbeck, Stu Erwin, Gale Gordon, Gene Autry, 'Buster' Crabbe, Julia Child, Lloyd Bridges, Gregory Peck, Cliff Robertson, Merv Griffin, Janet Leigh, Clint Eastwood, Dick Sargent, Elizabeth Montgomery, Bill Bixby, Jerry Lewis, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Don Drysdale, Merle Haggard, Robert Redford, George Takei, James Brolin, Jill St John, Shelly Fabares, Adrienne Barbeau, Sally Field, Susan Saint James, Suzanne Somers, Albert Brooks, Ted Danson, Ted Lange, John Ritter, Peggy Fleming, Stevie Nicks, Anson Williams, Mark Spitz, Markie Post, Julie Kavner, Mark Hamill, Sally Ride, Laraine Newman, Marcia Clark, Katey Sagal, Bo Derek, Kevin Costner, Jon Lovitz, Nancy Lopez, Belinda Carlisle, Charlene Tilton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer Tilly, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicki Sixx, Ted McGinley, 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Clint Howard, Apollonia, Meg Tilly, Tahnee Welch, Tawny Kitaen, Darryl Strawberry, Kristy McNichol, Brian Boitano, Helen Hunt, John Stamos, Lisa Kudrow, Bridget Fonda, Dana Plato, Rodney King, Teri Hatcher, Joely Fisher, Laura Dern, Brandi Chastain, Carnie Wilson, Carr‚ Otis, Chynna Phillips, Molly Ringwald, Stephanie Seymour, Chastity Bono, Jennifer Aniston, Kirk Cameron, Corey Feldman, Nikki Ziering, Tiffany, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Eggert, Summer Sanders, Mario Lopez, Tina Yothers, Drew Barrymore, Jeremy Miller, Soleil Moon Frye, Dustin Diamond, Edward Furlong, Michele Kwan, Rider Strong and Venus Williams.

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