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Brian Williams

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The Resume

    (May 5, 1959- )
    Raised in Middletown, New Jersey
    Resides in Connecticut
    Worked for WCBS-NY News (1986-93)
    Joined NBC News (1993)
    MSNBC Live Anchor (1996-2003)
    News on CNBC Anchor (2003-04)
    NBC Nightly News Anchor (December 1, 2004- )
    Won three Emmys (1987, 93, 2001)

Why he might be annoying:

    He lacks charisma.
    He lives in Connecticut and is a NASCAR enthusiast. He claims he is a 'gear-head.'
    He dropped out of college.
    He received an honorary doctorate from Elmira College (May 1998) and Providence College (May 2004).
    NBC suspended him for 6 months without pay after he 'misremembered' details about his helicopter coming under fire while covering the Iraq war in 2003 (February 10, 2015).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is the first new major network news anchor in over a decade.
    It was obvious that he would replace Tom Brokaw as he was his #1 substitute.
    He says the most challenging part of being an anchor is gaining trust.
    He said ''s important that sometimes stories aren't terribly sexy for viewers to sit through.'
    He tends to read only non-fiction.
    He was selected 'Father of the Year' by the National Fathers' Day Committee (1996).
    He is a trained volunteer firefighter.
    USA Today selected him Best Anchor (2000).
    GQ magazine called him 'the most interesting man in television today' and chose him as GQ Man of the Year (2001).
    He attended George Washington University and the Catholic University of America.

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