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People Magazine

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TV Guide

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Internet Search

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TV Land

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America's Model

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American Idol

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Parents TVC

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Dancing Stars

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Mad TV

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Monty Python

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Big Brother

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Surreal Life

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HDTV TVPredictions

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Buddy TV

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Cable ACE Award

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United Kingdom

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Gallup Poll

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Soap Operas

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50 Greatest British TV Stars [2005]

Access Hollywood's 10 Best TV Themed Halloween Costumes [2009]

AD Age's Most Expensive TV Commercial Time [Fall 2007]

American TV Series Based on British TV Series

Animal Planet's Shining Animal Stars

Anthology Series

Anthology Series Hosts

Appeared on Showtime's The Circus

AskMen.com's Top 10 Popular TV Dads

Beyond The Edge [2022]

Boston Globe's 10 Best TV Series - Matthew Gilbert [2010]

CableFAX Hall of Fame

Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Award Hosts and Performers

Co-ed Magazine's 11 Hottest Women on Fall TV [2007]

Cracked.com's 5 Most Obviously Drug-Fueled TV Appearances Ever

Entertainment Tonight's Top 20 All-Time Favorite Stars [2007]

Four Star Television Founders

Fox News' 10 Worst Tv Series Finales of All Time [2009]

Game Show Announcers

Getlisty's Top 10 TV Stars Who Left Hit Series - Bill Sullivan [March 2009]

History Channel’s ‘Christmas Through the Decades’ Commentators

Hollywood Reporter's Top 10 Biggest TV Biz Blunders of the Decade [2000-2009]

I Appeared on Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular [2007]

I Appeared on NBC’s ‘Celebrating Betty White: America's Golden Girl’ [2022]

I Appeared on NBC’s 2nd Annual Betty White Birthday Bash [2013]

I Appeared on NBC’s All Star Tribute to James Burrows [2016]

I Appeared on Sammy Davis, Jr.’s 60th Anniversary Celebration [1990]

I Exposed My Breasts on Mainstream TV

I Hosted a New Year's Eve Telecast

I Pissed Off Chuck Lorre

I Said Fuck on Mainstream TV

In Touch's 10 Hottest Hunks on TV [January 2006]

InfoPlease Almanac Top 10 TV Shows of the Century

Inside TV's 50 Sexiest Men on TV [2005]

Inventory's 13 Most Unpopular Characters from Popular TV Series

J.J. Abrams Produced My Show

Jack Webb Produced My Show

Liquid Generation's 10 Classic Cult TV Series

Liquid Generations 10 Lesbian Kisses on TV

Maxim's 12 Worst Endings to TV Series [May 2007]

Members of the Television Hall of Fame

Mensa's 10 Smartest TV Series

Mike Post Composed Our Theme Song


Most Watched TV Finales

Movies Based on TV Series

My Name, My Scripted TV Series

My Television Series Fired Me For Getting Pregnant

My TV Series Hid My Pregnancy

National Geographic Channel's Generation X Commentators

Norman Lear Produced My Show

NY Post Top 10 TV's Cash Cows [April 2009]

NY Times' 10 TV Stunts to Remember - Warren Berger [December 21, 1997]

Our Theme Song is the Show's Backstory

OV Guide's Top 10 TV Series Watched on the Web [March 2009]

Quinn Martin TV Series

Rural Purge [TV Cancellations]

Sacha Baron Cohen/Ali G’s Fake Interviews

Sainsbury Supermarket's Top 5 Sexiest Female TV Stars of All Time [August 2005]

Scripted TV Series Named After Its Star

Super Bowl Lead-Out Programs

Sydney Morning Herald's Best Looking People on TV [2006]

This Is Your Life Honorees [A-K]

This is Your Life Honorees [L-Z]

Time Magazine's Top 10 TV Dads

Time Magazine's Top 10 TV Feuds [2009]

Top 10 Most Pirated Television Shows [2007]

TV Couples Who Divorced

TV Guide's Top 10 Most Annoying Couples [2008]

TV Land Awards Hosts

TV Land’s Landmark Statues

TV Series Based on Movies

TV Series That Changed Names

TV Shows/Series

TV Spin-offs

TV Week Logie Hall of Fame

TV.coms Top 10 Characters That Need to be Killed Off [2009]

Unclebarky.com Top 10 TV Alpha Males

Unclebarky.com Top 10 TV Stars Who Became Movie Stars

US Weekly's TV's 10 Hottest Men [2007]

USA Today’s Top TV Moments of 2020

WatchMojo’s Top 20 Greatest TV Crossovers of All-Time [2020]

Worst Celebrities in High Definition [2005]


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