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Justin Timberlake

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The Resume

    (January 31, 1981- )
    Frontman for 'N Sync
    Songs include 'SexyBack,' 'My Love,' 'Summer Love,' 'What Goes Around Comes Around,' 'Like I Love You,' 'Cry Me A River,' 'Rock Your Body' and 'Senorita'
    Appeared in the films 'Trouble with the Curve,' 'Friends with Benefits,' 'In Time,' 'Bad Teacher,' 'The Social Network,' 'The Love Guru,' 'Black Snake Moan' and 'Alpha Dog'
    Married Jessica Biel (October 19, 2012)

Why he might be annoying:

    He claimed to be a virgin, yet he was heavily involved with Britney Spears.
    For a short time, he replaced fellow clown Ronald McDonald as the spokesperson for McDonalds, but most consumers liked Ronald better (2003).
    Britney Spears hinted to journalists that he has a small penis (2003).
    Two photographers filed a lawsuit against him and girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, after Diaz allegedly beat up one photographer and stole his camera while Timberlake screamed at them like a little girl (2004).
    He smokes weed and openly supports the legalization of marijuana.
    he has a tattoo on his back with his mother's initials.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He dated Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Alyssa Milano.
    Michael Jackson invited Timberlake to his Neverland Ranch, but was upset when Justin brought Britney.
    He was selected as one of the 21 Hottest Stars Under 21 in Teen People 1999.
    He grabbed Kylie Minogue's butt during the 2003 Brits Awards.
    During the Super Bowl half-time show, while performing with Janet Jackson, he ripped off the cloth covering her right breast (February 1, 2004).
    When his friend started choking on a mouthful of nuts, Timberlake wrapped his arms around him and successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver (November 2004).

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