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The Resume

    (1992- )
    Formed in Cwmaman, Wales
    Kelly Jones (June 3, 1974- ), vocalist/guitarist
    Richard Jones (May 1974- ), bass guitarist
    Stuart Cable (May 1970- , left band-September 25, 2003), drummer
    Recorded Albums: 'Word Gets Around,' (1997) 'Performance and Cocktails,' (1999) 'Just Enough Education to Perform,' (2001) 'J.E.E.P.' (2001) and 'You Gotta Go There To Come Back' (2003)
    Performs 'Traffic,' 'Have A Nice Day,' 'Just Looking,' 'Check My Eyelids For Holes,' 'More Life In A Tramps Vest,' 'T-Shirt Sun Tan,' 'Plastic California,' 'Mr. Writer,' 'Samba Patrol' and 'Waltz Underneath'

Why they might be annoying:

    They gained fame after signing with Richard Branson's V2 Records and rejecting numerous other record label offers.
    It took them four years to produce their first song.
    Guitarist Kelly, who has a females name, said, 'I can't play a fucking guitar solo to save my life.'
    In an acceptance speech, Kelly said 'About time we got some fucking recognition!'
    Richard let a street person tattoo his name on his neck for a pound.
    Richard pretended to be asleep in the back of a car he was stealing with friends so they wouldn't get busted.
    Richard wore a kilt to his wedding (November 4, 2000 to Gail Middleditch).
    Richard obtained nine tattoos by seventeen in order to appear older so he could get into pubs.
    Stuart describes himself as the school dunce whose only interests were woodworking and art.
    Stuart spends much of his time playing golf.
    They often look like they could use a good hair washing.
    Kelly Jones called Thom Yorke a 'miserable twat.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    They've known each other since they were toddlers.
    They are considered one of UK's hardest working bands.
    They are also known as one of the best live acts around.
    One of their major influences are the Manic Street Preaches.
    They were the first to perform at Wale's Cardiff Castle (The Rolling Stones were the last to perform there).
    They won a British 'Best Newcomer Award' (1998).
    Their songs 'Just Looking' and 'Pick A Part That’s New' both were hits reaching very high on the national music charts.
    Artists they have been compared to include Travis, David Gray, Oasis and Charlatans UK.
    One of Stuart's previous jobs was delivering food to schools.
    Stuart and Kelly describe Richard as 'the coolest fucker in the village.'
    Stuart and his wife Nicola have a new baby boy named Cian.
    'Performance and Cocktails' has sold over a million copies worldwide.
    They performed at a concert raising cash to help fight AIDS.
    Whitestrpsrocker and Skunkbutt

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