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Sal Bando

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Baseball Player

The Resume

    (February 13, 1944-January 20, 2023)
    Born in Cleveland, Ohio
    Third baseman for the Kansas City/Oakland Athletics (1966-76) and Milwaukee Brewers (1977-81)
    .254 batting average
    242 home runs
    1.039 RBIs
    Four-time All-Star (1969, 1972-74)
    General manager of the Milwaukee Brewers (1991-99)

Why he might be annoying:

    He originally planned to play football in college until he suffered a pair of broken collarbones.
    He led the AL in errors by a third baseman (1969).
    He had only one winning season as GM (1992), and that was with a team essentially inherited from his predecessor, Harry Dalton. (In fairness, his term as GM occurred during a period when many small market teams struggled due to soaring player salaries and a lack of revenue sharing to help level the field.)
    After the 1992 season, he asked Brewers star Paul Molitor to take a pay cut, allegedly disparaging him as ‘only a DH [designated hitter]’; Molitor instead signed with the Toronto Blue Jays and was World Series MVP the following season.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was named Most Outstanding Player of the College World Series (1965).
    He was captain of the A’s when they won three consecutive World Series (1972-74) and was often credited as the glue holding the volatile team together.
    Over a five-year period (1969-73) he had the best WAR (wins above replacement; a sabermetric statistic for assessing a player’s total contribution to his team) rating in Major League Baseball.
    He was married to Sandy Fortunato for 54 years.

Credit: C. Fishel

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