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The Resume

    (1998-June 2004)
    Scott Stapp (Vocalist - August 8, 1973)
    Mark Tremonti (Guitarist - February 18, 1975)
    Scott Phillips (Drummer - February 22, 1973)
    Brian Marshall (Bassist - April 24, 1973)
    Composed hit songs 'Bullets,' 'My Sacrifice,' 'Are You Ready?,' 'With Arms Wide Open,' 'What If,' 'Higher,' 'One,' 'What's This Life For,' 'Torn' and 'My Own Prison'

Why they might be annoying:

    They praise God in their music, but don't admit to being a Christian band.
    They wear leather pants.
    They rip off early Pearl Jam.
    Brian Marshall left the band.
    They play lots of video games.
    Creed (especially Scott Stapp) doesn't get along with Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit.
    Scott exploits his Christianity and his Native American heritage in his song lyrics.
    Scott Phillips' nickname is 'Flip.'
    They sell a Creed Toe-ring for $19.00.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Fred Durst challenged Scott to a fist fight, so Scott sent him a book on anger management.
    The 'Arms Wide Open Foundation' (named after their song of the same name & promoted by Hard Rock Cafes) was created by Creed to benefit needy children (more than $300,000 has been provided).
    That foundation sponsors 2 camps - 'Comfort Zone Camp,' for children victimized by the Sept. 11th terrorists attacks and 'U.S. Space Camps Parent-Child Program,' where they will help send children and their parents whose financial situations may have otherwise not enabled them to attend.
    In their spare time they box with a personal trainer.
    They enjoy competing in table tennis.

Credit: Pablo Honey and Skunk Butt

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