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Morgan Spurlock

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The Resume

    (November 7, 1970-May 23, 2024)
    Wrote, directed and starred in the documentary 'Super Size Me'

Why he might be annoying:

    He was on a moronic diet of nothing but McDonald's for a period of 1 month for the sake of his film 'Super Size Me.' This stunt put his health at serious risk.
    He felt the need to prove that fast food is unhealthy.
    At Day 21 of his 30-day diet, doctors diagnosed that his liver was about to form the non-alcoholic effects of cirrhosis (pickled). To top it all off, he gained 25 pounds at the end of his 30-day stint.
    At Day 21, he took advice from his brother to keep the McDonald's stint going for the rest of the duration.
    He is taking the responsibility off people for their own bad choices of diet and placing it on McDonald's for providing the service of fast food.
    He was rejected five times by the film school at USC.
    He hosted MTV's 'I Bet You Will,' where he pulled people out of crowds to name their price to do embarrassing and/or gross stuff for the cameras.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Thanks to his brother, he succeeded in completing his 30-day McDonald's diet.
    Right after his stint, it took him 14 months to lose the 25 lbs. that he gained from it.
    He has a multi billion dollar company sweating bullets and chasing him around the world retaliating to his comments.
    Less than two months after 'Super Size Me' premiered at Sundance, McDonald's announced that it would cease its sale of super size menu items.
    He is provoking thought into the dangers of obesity and fast food diets.
    He graduated from NYU with a film degree (1993).
    He won the directors award at the 2004 Sundance film festival.

Credit: The Gent

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