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Suzanne Vega

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The Resume

    (July 11, 1959- )
    Resides in Greenwich Village area of New York City
    Famed for recording 'Solitude Standing' featuring 'Luka' and 'Tom's Diner' (1985)
    Recorded '(I'll Never Be Your) Maggie May' (2002), 'Penitent' (2001), 'Last Years Troubles' (2001), 'Widow's Walk' (2001), 'Rosemary (Remember Me)' (1999), 'Book & a Cover' (1998), 'As Girls Go' (1997), 'Cracking' (1997), 'Headshots' (1997), 'World Before Columbus' (1997), 'Birth-day' (1997), 'No Cheap Thrill' (1996), 'Caramel' (1996), 'When Heroes Go Down' (1993), 'Blood Makes Noise' (1992), 'Men in a War' (1990), 'Tired of Sleeping' (1990), 'Book of Dreams' (1990), 'Solitude Standing' (1987), 'Neighborhood Girls' (1986), 'Gypsy' (1986), 'Left of Center' (1986), 'Knight Moves' (1985), 'Small Blue Thing' (1985) and 'Marlene on the Wall' (1985)

Why she might be annoying:

    Howard Stern said she always appears angry. Gary Dell'Abate went one step further saying she looks like an angry lesbian who was not a lesbian (October 23, 2001).
    No matter what she did or does, her song 'Luka' will be the pinnacle of her career.
    She is divorced.
    Other than CNN, she claims only to watch 'The Sopranos.'
    She was turned down twice by A&M, until finally accepted (1983).
    Although her debut album sold ¾ of million copies, it had no hits, with the possible exception of 'Marlene on the Wall' charting in the UK.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She sings from the viewpoint of victims, be it abuse, war or neglect.
    Her song 'Luka,' which deals with the travails of an abused child in the first person, brought needed attention to their plight.
    She lives in New York City.
    She credits the reason for her divorce to wanting to remain in New York City while her husband wanted to stay in California.
    Her parents divorced when she was a year old and along with her mom moved to New York City.
    Her mother remarried shortly after and she took the last name of her stepfather.
    Her second album sold 3 million copies and reached #2 on Billboard.
    She recorded 'It Hit Home' for a 9/11 benefit CD.
    She plays acoustic guitar.
    She graduated the High School of Performing Arts.
    She graduated Barnard College (1982).
    Her husband, Mitchell Froom, cheated on her, and eventually married Vonda Shepard

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