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DGA (Directors Guild of America)

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The Resume

    (1936- )
    Labor union representing 13,000 film and television directors
    Headquartered in Hollywood, California

Why DGA (Directors Guild of America) might be annoying:

    Guild members are generally prevented from working for companies that have not signed an agreement with the DGA.
    Those who aren't members of the guild are unable to direct for the larger movie studios, which are signatories to the guild's agreements that all directors must be guild members.
    As a result, famed director Quentin Tarantino was unable to direct an X-Files' episode.

Why DGA (Directors Guild of America) might not be annoying:

    Successful applicants for the guild are placed in various productions and can gain experience working in the film or television industry.
    Most winners of the coveted DGA Award have gone on to win the Best Directing Academy Award since its introduction in 1949.
    They were able to come to an agreement with Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers faster than the Writers Guild of America could do.

Credit: Birdienest81

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