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Personal Assistant

The Resume

    (circa November 2014- )
    Born in United States
    Product of Amazon
    Full name: Amazon Alexa
    Cloud-based voice service
    Provides real-time voice assistance for subscribers through Amazon Echo devices
    Assistance powered by Google

Why she might be annoying:

    The United Nations feel her being labeled an assistant and being named Alexa perpetuates sexism.
    One user claimed ‘she’ called him a Shithead when he cancelled his Amazon Prime.
    ‘She’ activates even when users don’t want her intervention, likening her to a newborn.
    Children used Alexa to (unintentionally) order stuff off Amazon.
    One child requested her to play ‘Digger Digger,’ then she spewed porn references such as ‘Amateur girl caller sexy’ and ‘Pussy anal dildo ringtone;’ the reel of the incident appears on
    ‘She’ listens to private household conversations inviting the controversy over privacy.

Why she might not be annoying:

    To summon her aid, one simply has to say ‘Alexa….’ then make a request.
    ‘She’ was allegedly used as leverage by the Colorado police department when Chris Watts confessed to killing his wife and their two daughters as ‘she’ was present in their household during the argument and murders and recorded the sounds.
    ‘She’ has become a pop culture icon.
    ‘She’ stores and plays musical playlists.
    In Canada, ‘she’ speaks French with a Quebecois accent!

Credit: battyx3

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    In 2022, Out of 3 Votes: 33.33% Annoying
    In 2021, Out of 6 Votes: 83.33% Annoying
    In 2020, Out of 15 Votes: 60.0% Annoying
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