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Lucia De Jesus De Santos

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Religious Figure

The Resume

    (March 22, 1907-February 16, 2005)
    Birth name was Lucia Abobora
    Died a month short of her 98th birthday
    Last survivor of the three Fatima Witnesses
    Claimed to see visions of the Virgin Mary (1917)
    Spokeswoman for the Carmelite Sisters

Why she might be annoying:

    There is absolutely no scientific evidence that she made contact with the Virgin Mary.
    She had a really long name.
    It took thirteen years for the Catholic Church to believe her claim (1930).
    Mel Gibson presented her with a DVD of his 'Passion of the Christ.' She died shortly after.
    Her visions spread panic, including doomsday predictions of the forthcoming end of the world.
    She was presented the bullet that nearly assassinated Pope John Paul II.
    She lived most of her adult life in isolation.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She made Fatima famous which gives them a nice tourist trade.
    Mary only spoke to her and her two buddies.
    Some claim her visions were signs of World War II and Pope John Paul II's attempted assassination.
    Some further claim she predicted the priest abusing children scandal that rocked the Catholic Church.
    It is pointed out she gave a very specific account of her vision, something a child of her age, 10, might not be able to do.
    She received death threats.
    She maintained her vision of Mary till the day she died.
    Researched by Jack Magic

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