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Actors of Italian Descent

Actresses of Italian Descent

Black Heritage Commemorative Stamp Series

Blasians [Black Asians]

Burnt Bagels [Black Jews]

Chocolate Milk [Bi-racial - Black and White]

Chunky East Asians


Green Bagels [Irish Jews]

Hispanic Magazine's Top 10 U.S. Cities for Hispanics to Live In [August 2004]

Hungary for a Bagel [Hungarian Jews]

I Am of Romani/Sinti Descent [Gypsies]

Lemon Creams [Asian/Caucasian]’s 15 Famous Latinos Who Will Inspire Your Kids [2020]

Pizza and Brats [German Italians]

Pizza and Brew [Irish Italians]

Pizza Bagels [Italian Jews]

Pizza, Well Done [Black Italians]

Red, White and Bagel [Canadian Jews]

Tea and Bagels [English Jews]

Time’s 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America [2005]

Wannabe Brits


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