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Assisi, Italy

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The Resume

Why Assisi, Italy might be annoying:

    Its name sounds like 'A sissy.'
    It has steep streets.
    It was sacked by the Ostrogoths (545).
    It was struck by the Black Death plague (1348).
    It was taken over by the Nazis for a while in World War II.
    It was ravaged by two earthquakes as they left some of its houses and churches destroyed (September 1997).

Why Assisi, Italy might not be annoying:

    Most of it including the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi are named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    It is one of Italy's top locations for a Catholic pilgrimage.
    It has a number of traditional artwork.
    The Rocca Maggiore gives visitors to see the views of the town and the surrounding valley.
    Aside from St. Francis, it also the birthplace of St. Clare of Assisi and Latin poet Propertius.
    The Franciscan religious order and the Poor Clares got its start here.
    The Jews in the town were hidden in churches and monastaries from the Nazis with the help from the Assisi Network in World War II.
    San Francisco, California and Los Angeles, California got its names from its two basilicas.
    It appeared in video games on a few occasions, as a rally track in 'Gran Turismo 4: Prologue' and it may of inspired a map from 'Counter-Strike.'

Credit: Neo NX2004

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