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The Resume

    (1992- )
    Formed in Ulster, Northern Ireland
    Tim Wheeler (January 4, 1977- ), vocalist/guitarist (1992- )
    Mark Hamilton (March 21, 1977- ), bass guitarist (1992- )
    Charlotte Hatherley (June 20, 1977- ), guitarist/keyboardist/background vocalist (1997- )
    Rick 'Rock' McMurray (July 11, 1975- ), drummer (1992- )
    Recorded albums: 'Trailer,' '1977,' 'Nu-Clear Sounds,' 'Free All Angels' and 'Intergalactic Sonic 7's'
    Recorded songs: 'Burn Baby Burn,' 'Goldfinger,' 'Jack Names The Planets,' 'Shining Light,' 'Aphrodite,' 'Girl from Mars,' 'Oh Yeah,' 'Kung Fu,' 'Wildsurf,' A Life Less Ordinary,' 'Petrol' and 'Angel Interceptor'

Why they might be annoying:

    After they released, 'Nu-Clear Sounds,' a lot of fans were disappointed and NME called their new sound 'a terrifying, ghoulrawk thrashnik deathcore noiseterrior sultans of satanic verse.'
    Mark started jumping off balconies, drinking a lot of alcohol, using drugs, puking from alcohol poisoning and he suffered a nervous breakdown when he was only seventeen years old.
    Tim said he 'loves wild sex' and his ambition is to 'have a zero gravity orgy.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    They were influenced by The Buzzcocks, Nirvana, The Sex Pistols and The Jam.
    Tim and Mark started playing guitar when they were twelve and thirteen years old.
    Three of their singles hit the Top 5 on the U.K. charts and they were still in high school.
    '1977' is in honor of the year Star Wars was released in theaters.
    Tim and Mark love science fiction and the paranormal.
    They ranked #2 on Q Magazine's 50 Bands You Must See Before You Die.
    When they decided to have a come back tour after tensions flared with the band, they allowed their fans to vote for the songs to play and the location of the concerts.
    After Nine Inch Nails cancelled at the last minute at a concert, they had to perform for the fans and they said about the experience: 'It was a bit of a fucker trying to play to a load of pissed off goths. All we could do was go for it. But we were the wrong band, wrong time. But it was a alright, we got through it. We can hack it.'

Credit: Whitestrpsrocker

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