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Norma Shearer

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The Resume

    (August 10, 1902-June 12, 1983)
    Died in Woodland Hills, California
    Acted in 'The Flapper (1920),' 'A Clouded Name (1923),' 'Pleasure Mad(1923),' 'Broadway After Dark (1924),' 'After Midnight (1927),' 'Their Own Desire (1929),' 'Romeo and Juliet (1936),' 'Escape (1940)' and 'Anniversary (1963)'
    Died from pneumonia

Why she might be annoying:

    She was in beauty pageants, winning one when she was fourteen.
    She was rejected for a role in 'Follies.'
    She was married to Irving G. Thalberg, who set her high up on the MGM ladder.
    Irving G. Thalberg was a control freak towards her.
    Her second husband was ten years younger than her.
    In the last decade of her life, she was in poor health and chose to retire from stardom.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She won the 1929-30 Oscar for Best Actress 'The Divorcee.'
    She married twice, first ending at her husband's death and second ending at her death.
    Her mother was actress Edith Shearer and her siblings were actress Athole Shearer and director Douglas Shearer.
    She is said to have discovered actress Janet Leigh.

Credit: Skunk Butt

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