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Billy Packer

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The Resume

    (February 25, 1940-January 26, 2023)
    Birth name is Billy Paczkowski
    Played basketball for Wake Forest University
    College basketball analyst for NBC (1975-82)
    Top analyst for CBS (1982-2008)

Why he might be annoying:

    He is accused of being biased in favor of the big-college conferences, especially the Atlantic Coast Conference.
    On national TV, he blasted St. Joseph's for getting a number one seed in the 2004 NCAA tourney. He got an angry response from St. Joe's coach Phil Martelli.
    After Martelli called Packer a 'jackass', Packer responded that his Wake Forest team beat St. Joe's back in 1962 and 'he should know the history of his own school.'
    He also thought that Larry Bird and his 1979 Indiana State team were over-hyped.
    He appeared in a Papa John's Pizza commercial.
    He called Allen Iverson a 'tough monkey' (1996).

Why he might not be annoying:

    In college, he helped lead Wake Forest to the 1962 NCAA Final Four.
    He is one who is not afraid to speak his mind.
    He proved he wasn't a coward when he took the analyst job for two games that Phil Martelli was coaching.
    He, along with Dick Enberg and Al McGuire, called the 1979 Michigan State-Indiana State final, which was the highest-rated college basketball game ever. The game featured Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Credit: Hoxy

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