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Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Resume

    (March 16, 1911- )
    Founded as a city on May 15, 1905, but not incorporated until 1911.
    Explored by John C. Fremont (1844)
    25 square miles
    Population was 800 (1911), 5,165 (1930), 8,422 (1940), 64,405 (1960), 164,674 (1980) and 368,360 (1995)
    Located in the Mojave Desert
    Nicknames include 'City that Never Sleeps' and 'Land of Shattered Dreams'
    Nevada legalized gambling (March 19, 1931)
    Las Vegas strip began to rise in the early 1940's
    Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported 28.2 million visitors in 1994
    The first true gambling resort was the El Rancho (opened April 3, 1941)

Why Las Vegas, Nevada might be annoying:

    Divorce laws in Nevada are extremely liberal and thus Las Vegas offers 'quickie divorces.'
    It was settled by Mormons in 1855, but they abandoned it in 1857.
    Many people have lost lots of money, including their life savings.
    Many gamblers prefer to act ignorant of statistical probability and play on hunches.
    The mafia was involved in Las Vegas gambling, notably Bugsy Siegel who ran the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.
    Many of the hotels were white only until The Moulin Rouge opened (1955).
    There are tons of wedding chapels, because their is no waiting period to get married.
    The NFL refused to allow a Las Vegas commercial to air during the Superbowl, citing a strict NFL anti-gambling policy.

Why Las Vegas, Nevada might not be annoying:

    Las Vegas is Spanish for 'the Meadows.'
    Las Vegas was an oasis in the desert which allowed pioneers to cut through the desert rather than be forced to go around it.
    During the early 1900's it became a railroad stop, with some hotels and a place to get fresh water.
    Workers on the Hoover Dam resided here.
    One of its more colorful characters was Howard Hughes.
    Projections forecast that the entire Las Vegas Valley should swell to two million by 2005.
    In a bit of irony on October 1, 1910, a strict anti-gambling law took effect in Nevada.
    Almost half of Nevada's revenue comes from gamblers.
    Prostitution is legal in most of Nevada but forbidden in Las Vegas.
    Some of the attractions include Wayne Newton, Celine Dion and Siegfried and Roy.
    Las Vegas has no state income tax.
    Their gambling rules are less restrictive than Atlantic City.
    Houses 13 of the world's 20 largest resort hotels.
    There are over 100,000 hotel/motel rooms available.
    The Las Vegas strip is full of glitz, eye catching neon and creative architecture.
    Gamblers are often given free gourmet meals, massages and tickets to shows.
    A few lucky gamblers have won millions.

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