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Mac N Cheese

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The Resume

    Chihuahua or chi mix
    Appeared in the 94th Academy Awards 'In Memoriam' segment during the Betty White tribute (March 27, 2022)
    Adopted by John Travolta and his son Ben

Why she might be annoying:

    Who names a dog Mac N Cheese?
    Her siblings were names Casserole and Hot Dish.
    Googling her name and adding 'dog' to the search terms returns a lot of recipes for dishes adding hot dogs to macaroni and cheese as well as her story.
    As an Oscar attendee, she probably witnessed Will Smith smacking Chris Rock.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was abandoned with her siblings and her mother.
    Her name is unexpectedly unique.
    Jamie Lee Curtis cuddled her while introducing her to the audience and viewers.
    Producers planned on using a trained dog for the segment, but Curtis insisted on a rescue dog as White was a life-long animal rescue advocate.
    The rescue organization Paw Works provided her for the ceremony (and got an unscripted shout out from Curtis).
    She was adopted less than a week after the Oscar ceremony.
    She’s healing the Travolta family from Kelly Preston’s 2020 death.

Credit: C. Fishel & battyx3

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