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The Resume

    Born in Oxford, United Kingdom
    (1993- )
    Gaz Coombes (vocals/guitar)
    Danny Goffey (drums)
    Mick Quinn (bass)
    Rob Coombes (keyboards)
    Charley Coombes (various instruments)
    Recorded the songs 'Alright,' 'Mansize Rooster,' 'Caught By The Fuzz,' 'Richard III,' 'Sun Hits The Sky,' 'Going Out' and 'Diamond Hoo Ha Man'

Why they might be annoying:

    Though they are well-known in the U.K., most people in the U.S. only know their song 'Alright.'
    Using the British term of 'smoke a fag' for cigarette sounds a bit odd to American audiences in their song, 'Alright.'
    Charley Coombes serves virtually no purpose in the band. He often times has stood on stage just playing a cowbell or tambourine.
    Their music videos have put the band in a few seemingly gay situations. They travel around in a giant bed in 'Alright' and in a giant bathtub in 'Mansize Rooster.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    The members of PUSA described 'Caught By The Fuzz' as 'exactly what being a teenager sounds like.'
    Gaz Coombes has some of the best sideburns in rock and roll.
    They collected almost every British award for new bands with the release of their 1995 album, 'I Should Coco.'
    They were one of the first bands in the 90's brit-pop movement that included Oasis and <8124>Blur They toured with the Foo Fighters, and Gaz sang lead vocals for them while covering The Who song, 'Bargain.'

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