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The Resume

    (July 1, 1867- )
    Capital: Toronto
    Bird: 'Common Loon'
    Flower: 'White Trillium'
    Tree: 'Eastern White Pine'
    Natural resources: 'Industry,' 'Automotive,' 'Forestry,' 'Fishing' and 'Agriculture'
    Motto: 'Ut incepit fidelis sic permanent'

Why Ontario might be annoying:

    SARS virus infected or isolated many residents.
    There are 9.1 million Ontario registered motor vehicles and only 8.1 million licensed drivers.
    People are advised not to drive new vehicles through the monkey area of African Lion Safari.
    Annie Edson Taylor, at age sixty-three, was the first person and woman to go over the Falls and she survived.
    Charles Stephens was the first man to go over Niagara Falls in an oak barrel, but he was killed and only an arm was recovered (1920).
    Many groups of adrenaline junkies (or idiots?) have gone over the Falls since then, either protected in wood or metal.

Why Ontario might not be annoying:

    It has a breath taking Niagara Falls view.
    It has the Maid of the Mist and Skylon Tower.
    It is responsible for 43% of Canada's tourism.
    The lotteries provided $9.7 billion to hospitals and charities.
    It is ranked for six years by U.N. Human Development Index as first out of 174 nations (province of nation) as the worlds best place to live.
    Born here: air ace Billy Bishop, champion boxer Tommy Burns, Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker and Parliament Member Agnes Campbell Macphail.
    Avril Lavigne was born in Napanee.
    Tecumseh, a Native American rebel, was slain after attempting to aid the British at the Battle of Thames (War of 1812).
    Seven year old Roger Woodward, went over the falls after a boating accident and is the first person known to survive going over the falls unprotected (1960).
    The became the first province (or state) to ban pitbulls.

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