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Rafael Nadal

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Tennis Player

The Resume

    (June 3, 1986- )
    Turned Pro (2001)
    Won French Open (June 5, 2005, June 10, 2006. June 8. 2008)
    Left handed
    Won Wimbledon (2008)
    Won Australian Open (2009)

Why he might be annoying:

    He wears goofy capri pants when playing.
    He teared up after his French victory.
    Acknowledging his tears, he said: 'For the first time I cried after winning a match.'
    He missed the 2003 and 2004 French Opens due to injuries.
    Although he beat #1 seed Roger Federer to get to the French finals, he had to beat Mariano Puerta who had been ranked 440th and was returning from a a nine-month doping suspension.
    Because of the clay surface, the French Open is the most unpredictable and least important of the grand slams.
    When he wins a trophy, he bites it,

Why he might not be annoying:

    He won the French Open 2 days after his nineteenth birthday.
    The King of Spain Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia went to the French Open final to cheer him on.
    His nickname is 'The Prodigy.'
    He won a 5-hour, 14-minute final in Rome (2005).
    He won three straight tournaments going into the 2005 French.
    He is the youngest men's Grand Slam champ since American 17 year old Michael Chang won the French Open (1989).
    He was the youngest to makes Wimbledon's third round since 1984. when 16-year-old Boris Becker did it (2003).
    At 18½, he was the youngest to win a Davis Cup Singles final match (December 2004).
    He is the first man since 1982, when Mats Wilander won the French Open on his first try.
    He is related to Spanish soccer star Miguel Angel Nadal.
    He stopped Roger Federer's streak of five straight Wimbledons (July 6, 2008).

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