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Why they might be annoying:

    New York Giants Manager John McGraw dismissed them during their inaugural year, calling them 'the White Elephants.'
    Connie Mack referred to his 1909 infield, which featured Stuffy McInnis, Eddie Collins, Jack Barry and Frank Baker, as the '$100,000 Infield.'
    They set an at-the-time American League record by losing 19 straight games (1916).
    They set another at-the-time AL record by leaving 17 men on base in one game (1919).
    They tied an at-the-time AL record by losing 20 straight games (1943).
    They gave up Ted Williams' 1,000th extra base hit.
    Owner Charlie Finley was denied the opportunity to move the team from Kansas City to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area after spending only 6 years in Kansas City (1962).
    They used gold-colored bases in their first home game during the 1970 season, prompting baseball's Rules Committee to ban this from ever happening again.
    They recorded 653 fans during a game against the Seattle Mariners (1979).
    They've made the playoffs four years straight, but have yet to make it to the second round, falling to the Yankees twice (2000, 2001), the Twins (2002) and the Red Sox (2003) in the opening division series.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Connie Mack managed them for their first fifty years.
    They've been feuding with the Giants since their days on the East Coast.
    They took John McGraw's pet name and turned it into their insignia.
    They signed Jimmie Foxx when he was only 17 years old. Foxx was then referred to as 'the right handed Babe Ruth.'
    Their 1929 team has been called the greatest team in baseball history.
    Gene Tenace was the first player in baseball history to hit a home run in his first two World Series at-bats (1972).
    They beat their bay area rival, the San Francisco Giants, in the World Series (1989).
    Rickey Henderson became the all-time stolen base leader in an Athletics jersey (1990).
    They used to feature the 'Bash Brothers' duo, which was Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco.
    They entered the new millennium with a very potent and young pitching staff.
    They're tied for second in all time World Series wins with the St. Louis Cardinals. They both have 9 wins, while the Yankees have 26.

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