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Timothy Treadwell

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Animal Expert

The Resume

    (April 29, 1957-October 5, 2003)
    Founded 'Grizzly People'
    Wrote 'Among Grizzlies'

Why he might be annoying:

    He once abused drugs and nearly died of a drug overdose.
    He put his and his inexperienced girlfriend's life in danger and now they are dead.
    He was mauled to death in Alaska by a wild animal the same week Roy Horn and another female tiger trainer were mauled by wild animals.
    He underestimated the power of a wild, meat eating animal.
    He had an effeminate voice and hairstyle.
    He often wore bandanas on his head.
    While being mauled to death, he screamed for his girlfriend to turn on the camcorder.
    His girlfriend left the lens cap on and only audio sounds are heard.
    The audio sounds of the mauling gave Troopers nightmares.
    He was killed by the same animal he was trying to prove 'is gentle to humans and misunderstood.'
    He once said he was in more danger living in San Francisco than in the wild.
    An air taxi pilot arriving to pick them up discovered a bear sitting on top of their remains.
    He told David Letterman he relied on fox yips to warn him when a bear was near his tent.
    A Katmai, Alaska Park Ranger described him as 'a misguided fool that acts like a bear and thinks he is a bear and is spreading the wrong message.'
    Park Rangers and trappers shot the bear that was sitting on their remains because it continued to be aggressive.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He said bears got him off drugs because he found a better high.
    He captured close-up, enchanting footage of a variety of wild bears.
    He was able to interact with wild animals.
    He wanted to prove that bears were misunderstood.
    He camped for months in the wilderness amongst wild animals with no protective weapons.
    He braved icy waters of eastern Canada to save harp seals.
    He shaved and bathed daily while living in the wild.
    He attended classrooms of young children in attempts to educate them on bears.

Credit: Skunk Butt

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