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Bad Girls Club

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TV Series

The Resume

    (December 6, 2006-May 2, 2007)
    Oxygen Network
    Created by Jonathan Murray
    Theme is ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ by Lady Sovereign
    Seven problematic young women, age 21 and up, share a Los Angeles mansion and a whole lot more

Why Bad Girls Club might be annoying:

    The Bad Girls can rarely go anywhere or do anything without screwing something – or someone – up.
    They have even less shame than Heidi Montag.
    It was supposed to appeal mainly to females.
    The number one rule, which sometimes gets broken (big surprise!), is ‘no physical violence between roommates.’

Why Bad Girls Club might not be annoying:

    Women can behave just as badly as – if not worse than – men!
    Quitting a job is also grounds for expulsion.
    They still look hot during and after a fight.
    Its premier episode ranked number one among all Oxygen broadcasts.
    Several girls quit the mansion when the infighting became too intense.
    An appearance on the Tyra Banks Show culminated in a flu-ridden Tyra walking off the stage and promptly quelling their rage.
    The official website launched a Flash game based on an actual fight (with milk!) between the second-season alumna.

Credit: Cool It All Right?

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