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The Holy Roman Empire

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The Resume

    Empire in the Middle Ages consisting of a conglomeration of various fiefdom's in central western Europe
    Formed partially from the remains of Charlemagne's empire
    Extended from eastern modern day France to eastern Europe and down into Italy and included the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies which was the personal property of the Holy Roman Emperor
    Voluntarily dissolved by the Emperor after its defeat by French armies under Napoleon

Why The Holy Roman Empire might be annoying:

    As has been pointed out many times through the centuries, its name was a complete misnomer; it was neither holy, nor roman, nor an empire.
    Throughout its history, it was beset with constant political struggles between the emperors, other nobility, and (often corrupt) popes and later by the Protestant Reformation.
    It was ruled almost nonstop by the corrupt Hapsburg family for the last four hundred years of its existence.
    It was closely allied with or in direct conflict with the papacy during much of its existence, which didn't do it or the papacy's credibility much good.

Why The Holy Roman Empire might not be annoying:

    It was formed, maintained power, and dissolved relatively peacefully and voluntarily.
    For most of its existence the Emperor was elected by various nobility through the Empire preventing dynastic rule.
    It provided stability for much of Europe for almost a thousand years.
    In general, it was not expansionist and didn't try to conquer other countries.
    Modern day Germany was eventually formed from it.

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