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Bob Hope

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The Resume

    (May 29, 1903-July 27, 2003)
    Birth name is Leslie Towns Hope
    Famous for making 'Road Movies' (Road to Singapore, Zanzibar, Morocco, Utopia, Rio, Bali and Hong Kong) with Bing Crosby
    Starred in 'Boy Did I get the Wrong Number,' 'Son of Paleface,' 'My Favorite Blonde' and 'Call Me Bwana'
    Hosted 284 prime time specials (averaging a 40 share)
    Made over 700 appearances on TV talk shows
    Theme song is 'Thanks for the Memories'
    Wrote 12 books
    Hosted the Academy Awards
    Advertised the Peace Corp as: This is Bob 'Join the Peace Corp' Hope
    Was a part owner of the Cleveland Indians

Why he might be annoying:

    All five of his Oscars, were honorary.
    As a teenage, he was a pool hustler.
    He boxed under the name Packy East.
    He change his name from Leslie to Bob, because in school they would call the role as 'Hope, Leslie' and classmates shortened it to hopeless.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He received 54 honorary degrees.
    Guinness Book of Records recognizes him as 'The Most Honored Entertainer' with over 1,500 awards.
    He entertained U.S. troops starting May 6, 1941 and became the first 'honorary veteran' by congress.
    He entertained 11 different presidents.
    His golf buddy was Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of presidents George and George W.
    He was married to Delores for 70 years (1933-2003).
    To help out his brother, a real estate broker, he bought land that eventually became desirable in California.
    He had massed nearly half of a billion dollars (1982).
    Because of his sponsorships, he gets free cars from Chrysler and free gas from Texaco.
    He was the only entertainer to have complete carte blanche to walk on whenever he felt like it on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.
    He laughed it off when the media announced his death (Summer, 1998).

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