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Ewen Macintosh

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The Resume

    (December 25, 1973-February 19, 2024)
    Portrayed Big Keith in 'The Office'
    Guest star on 'Little Britain' and 'Mile High'

Why he might be annoying:

    He is obese.
    He portrays a monotone droning character (Keith) on the hit BBC sitcom, 'The Office.'
    In the closing credits to 'The Office,' his name is misspelled Ewan.
    According to an interview, he didn't watch 'The Office.'
    On the first day of shooting 'The Office,' his character was yet to have a name.
    Fellow 'Office' star Martin Freeman referred to him as 'a freak and an oddity.'
    Although the character of Keith is famous for eating skotch eggs on a regular basis, Ewen doesn't like them.
    He dressed up as Ali G. for the Comic Relief Special episode.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is a successful comedian.
    He is known to be down to Earth and modest.
    Despite only having a small part in 'The Office,' he became the most popular character with a strong cult following.

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