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Gretchen Wilson

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The Resume

    (January 26, 1973- )
    Songs include 'Redneck Woman,' 'Skoal Ring,' 'Here For The Party' and 'When I Think About Cheatin'

Why she might be annoying:

    She dropped out of school after the eighth grade.
    She tended a bar with her mother by age 14.
    She was a member of a singer/songwriter group called 'Muzik Mafia.'
    She honed her singing skills through karaoke.
    Her song 'Skoal Ring' promotes chewing tobacco, she even waved a can of Skoal while performing the song in concerts.
    She grew up in a town of 727 people.
    Her friends called her Punky.
    She got into many fights in school.
    A cop handcuffed her when she had too many Jack Daniels and got into a fight.
    She said about being drunk: 'I'm an asshole, loud, obnoxious, crazy.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    She overcame childhood poverty to have a successful music career.
    She was the first female artist to have a #1 country single in over two years with 'Redneck Woman (2004).'
    Her debut CD is the highest selling album for a new country artist.
    She won an American Music Award for Best New Artist (2004).
    As for sex, she told Blender Magazine, she is not into foreplay, when she is ready, she is ready,

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