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Community (TV)

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 17, 2009-June 2, 2015)
    Comedy series
    Originally aired on NBC
    Principal cast:
    Joel McHale as Jeff Winger
    Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry
    Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir
    Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett
    Alison Brie as Annie Edison
    Donald Glover as Troy Barnes
    Ken Jeong as Benjamin 'Ben' Chang
    Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorne
    Premise: A disbarred lawyer attends a community college after it was revealed that his bachelor's degree was a fraud

Why Community (TV) might be annoying:

    The reason the main character's bachelor's degree was fake was because it allegedly came from COLOMBIA Univeristy, not COLUMBIA University.
    Due to his competitive nature, Jeff has difficult relationships with his accounting, billiards, and pottery teachers when he does poorly in their classes.
    Abed has a short temper leading some to believe he suffers from Asperger's syndrome.
    Andy Dick made a guest appearance on the show.
    The show often utilizes very wacky and off-color storylines such as one involving a paintball battle.

Why Community (TV) might not be annoying:

    It gave acting roles to a few famous faces such as McHale and Jeong.
    It also revived Chevy Chase's career.
    The series often parodies films and other television series.
    The premise of the show was loosely based on its creator Dan Harmon's experiences.
    A Christmas themed episode poked fun at the iconic Rankin Bass holiday television specials.

Credit: Birdienest81

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