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Gary Brolsma

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Internet Personality

The Resume

    (January 14, 1986- )
    Born and raised in Saddlebrook, New Jersey
    Lip-syncs on his webcam to the Romanian pop song DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI by Haiducii
    AKA the Mya-Hee guy, and the Numa Numa guy
    Can be seen at and (unedited)

Why he might be annoying:

    He is overweight.
    He makes a fool of himself on his webcam, lip-syncing to an unknown song, while dancing in his chair.
    Someone took his video, and edited it with a bunch of flash animation to make fun of him and the lyrics.
    His dance moves simulate weight lifting and aerobics, something he should consider taking up for real.
    Many people think he lives in Eastern Europe, because that's where the song originates.
    Two-thirds of the way through his performance, the video speeds up, but the sound does not, putting the whole thing out of sync.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is just a teenager having fun with his webcam.
    He has guts to put his crap on the internet voluntarily.
    The edited version of his performance is quite funny, simulating the looks he would get if he performed in public.
    He gets plenty of positive feedback from his video, and has been featured on WABC in New York City, MSNBC, numerous internet blogs and articles, and even has a fan club on called Gary Brolsma Fans.
    He is in the process of patenting his dance moves, calling it, 'The Numa Numa Dance.'
    There is talk of the artist that sings the song making a music video with him.
    A lot of girls have a crush on him.

Credit: Melonhead

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