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Why Corner Gas might be annoying:

    Many people unfamiliar with small town living might not understand the jokes.
    A common recurring joke is the residents of Dog River spit when the name Wullerton is mentioned.
    They always say 'The City', which leaves it ambiguous to which one is closest to the town.
    Oscar likes to call everyone 'jackass.'
    Hank doesn't work and likes to mooch off the residents of Dog River.
    Despite being a tourist attraction following the show's ending, the building that Corner Gas and The Ruby was filmed in had to be demolished as a result of being located on a bog, which caused it to sink.
    It was subject to internet rumors that the CBC turned down the show's pitch.
    It played on stereotypes of small town residents in Canadian prairie provinces.
    The 'looking bush' had to be artificially installed as the surrounding area where the scenes were filmed in is dominated by heavy clay soil.
    The show's theme song has a line that says 'You can tell me that your dog ran away and it took three days', which makes reference to the stereotypes of the southern part of Saskatchewan, which is actually flat.

Why Corner Gas might not be annoying:

    It was filmed in the small town of Rouleau, Saskatchewan, which is south of both the cities of Regina and Moose Jaw.
    The building where the Corner Gas station and the Ruby was located at the corner of Saskatchewan Highway 39 and a secondary road outside of Rouleau, and was a tourist attraction prior to its demolition.
    It was extremely popular with Canadian viewers.
    It was able to get notable political dignitaries like former Saskatchewan premier Lorne Calvert, senator Pamela Wallin and Canadian Prime Ministers Paul Martin and Stephen Harper to do guest spots on the show.
    All of the characters' last names come from communities in the province.
    Brent, Eric and Janet are actually natives of Saskatchewan.
    It never had any turnover and is one of the few shows where the entire cast appeared in every episode.
    It introduced the term 'staycation' into the mainstream.
    Its popularity spun off both a movie and an animated series in the years following its original run.
    Brent resisted offers from CTV to extend the show, preferring to end it on his own terms.

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