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    (May 11, 1858- )
    32nd state to join
    Occupied by Chippewa and Sioux Native American
    Territory of Minnesota organizes (March 3, 1849).
    Owned by three European countries and eight U.S. territories
    Nickname: Gopher State
    Capital: St. Paul
    Size: 84,068 (ranks 12th)
    Motto: Star Of The North
    Bird: Loon
    Flower: Showy Pink and White Lady's-Slipper/Moccasin Flower
    Tree: Red (Norway) Pine
    Song: Hail, Minnesota!
    On October 9th, they celebrate Leif Ericsson Day

Why Minnesota might be annoying:

    Because there are so many lakes in Minnesota, many of them have the same name as a different lake in Minnesota.
    Temperature ranges from -59ºF (-51ºC) (February 16, 1903) to 114ºF (46ºC) (July 6, 1936).
    Temperature dropped to 28ºF in August in Embarass, Minnesota (August 11, 1979).
    Forest fires destroyed Hinckley, about 600 died (September 2, 1894).
    They had an NHL hockey team named the Minnesota North Stars (1967-93), that moved to Dallas.
    They had an NBA basketball team named the Minneapolis Lakers (1947-60) that moved to Los Angeles.

Why Minnesota might not be annoying:

    The Mayo clinic is located in Minnesota.
    It is at the exact center of North America.
    It is said that Viking explorers were the first Europeans to visit in Minnesota (ca. 1200 AD).
    Iron ore was discovered in Minnesota's Mesabi Mountains (September 5, 1844).
    A natural red stone can only be found in Pipestone National Monument.
    The Greyhound Bus Co began the first U.S. bus line (May 21, 1914).
    Arlene Dahl, Tippi Hedren, Bob Dylan, Cheryl Tiegs, Jessica Lange, O+> (Prince) and Winona Ryder were born in Minnesota.
    The TV series 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' and 'Coach' were set in Minnesota.
    They have a NHL hockey team named the Minnesota Wild (2000- ).
    They have a NBA basketball team named the Minnesota Timberwolves (1989- ).
    They have a NFL football team named the Minnesota Vikings (1961- ).
    They have an American League baseball team named the Minnesota Twins (1961- ), who won two World Series (1987, 91) and originated as the Washington Senators.
    The first indoor World Series game was played in the Metrodome (October 17, 1987).
    The cartoon character Bullwinkle the Moose comes from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.

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