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Charlotte Martin

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The Resume

    (October 31, 1976- )
    Miss Teen Illinois (1994)
    Recorded the albums 'In Parentheses' and 'On Your Shore'
    Contributed to the 'Sweet Home Alabama' soundtrack
    Model for Maybelline (2004)

Why she might be annoying:

    She considers herself to be a 'depressed blond goth.'
    She was anorexic.
    She's a fish-eating vegetarian.
    She's addicted to caffeine.
    Her music sounds almost identical to Tori Amos' music.
    She writes a comic strip ('766 Sixth ST.').

Why she might not be annoying:

    She aspires to be a role model to her fans.
    She has an opera-trained voice and mastered classical piano.
    She graduated Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Vocal Performance (1998).
    She offers MP3's of her music for download, so that people can 'try before they buy.'
    She lost a close friend to suicide.
    In an interview with Collected Sounds, she said: 'It's horrible that my friend's death inspired my first songs...but writing helped me through that difficult time and helped me say goodbye to her.'

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