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    (December 29, 1845- )
    28th U.S. state
    Seventh of eleven states to secede and join the Confederacy
    Seceded: March 2, 1861
    Readmitted: March 30, 1870
    Discovered by Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca (1528)
    Belonged to six nations (Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America and the United States)
    State motto is 'Friendship'
    State bird is Mockingbird
    State flower is Bluebonnet
    State tree is Pecan
    State song is 'Texas, Our Texas'
    Called the 'Lone Star State' because of its single starred state flag
    Second largest state in population (behind California) and area (behind Alaska)

Why Texas might be annoying:

    It left the U.S. to join the confederacy.
    President Kennedy was assassinated here.
    The fastest measured tornado (280 MPH) blew through Wichita Falls (August 2, 1958).
    When Texas was an independent country, it claimed territory in Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming (1836).
    Temperatures occasionally climb over 110ºF.
    While most severe tropical storms deposit 3 to 6 inches of rain, one hurricane managed to piss 23 inches on Texas (1921).
    The people eat a lot of chili.
    They are second to California for car accidents.
    They suffer over 100 tornados annually.

Why Texas might not be annoying:

    One of the most noble stands took place here: 'Remember the Alamo.'
    Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has one of the best roller coasters (Texas Giant).
    Texas was the only country to join the U.S.
    The first laundromat (washateria) was built in Texas (April 18, 1934).
    If you want something large, you might say 'Texasize it!'
    It is the home of Tex-Mex food.
    It is known for oil wells, cowboys and the Space Center ('Houston, we got a problem').
    It is the setting for the famed TV show 'Dallas' and the Broadway musical 'Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.'
    Uncle Bens, Aunt Jemima, Neiman-Marcus, Post Cereal, Texaco, Amoco, Exxon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, 7-Eleven, Dr. Pepper and Frito Lay call Texas home.
    The first human to receive an artifical heart was operated in Texas.
    They have two NFL football teams named the Dallas Cowboys (1960- ) who won 5 Super Bowls (1971, 77, 92-93, 95) and the Houston Texans (2002- ). They had the Houston Oilers (1960-96) who became the Tennessee Titans.
    They have two Major League baseball teams the Houston Astros (1962- ) and the Texas Rangers (1972- ), neither has won a World Series.
    Their NHL hockey team, the Dallas Stars (1993- ) moved from Minnesota.
    They have three NBA basketball teams the Houston Rockets (1971- ) who moved from San Diego and the Dallas Mavericks (1980- ) and San Antonio Spurs (1973- ).
    TV series 'Dallas' and 'Houston Knights' were set in Texas
    Famous Texans include:
    Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Tanya Tucker, Patrick Swayzee, Gene Autry, Joan Crawford, Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, Sissy Spacek, H Ross Perot, Phyllis George, Sheryl Leach (creator of Barney), Tommy Tune, President Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson

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