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Henry Hill

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The Resume

    (June 11, 1943-June 12, 2012)
    Frequent guest of the Howard Stern Show
    Ex-Associate of the Lucchese crime family, turncoat
    Arrested for narcotics possession (1987)
    Divorced his wife Karen (1989)
    Subject of 'Wiseguy' by crime author Nicholas Pileggi
    Subject of Martin Scorsese's 'Goodfellas'
    Wrote 'The Wiseguy Cookbook,' 'A Goodfella's Guide to New York' and 'Gangsters and Goodfellas'

Why he might be annoying:

    He became a rat.
    He is an alcoholic.
    He sold drugs.
    He was in the witness protection program.
    He had 2 girlfriends and a wife at the same time.
    He killed people and witnessed murders of an unknown amount of people.
    He was involved in the Lufthansa Heist (although he was not in the group that actually robbed Lufthansa) where $6.2 million where robbed (1978).
    His life has been reduced to selling junk to people (e.g. a board game).
    He testified against his friends to save his own ass.
    He was a cocaine dealer to support his cocaine habit.
    He tried to run with his family when he was arrested.
    He was never a member of the Mafia, because he is half-Irish.
    His website is cheaply made.
    He swore he stopped doing drugs after his arrest, but he was caught at an airport with meth and crack (March 2005).
    He writes a lot of crappy books that milk his 'Goodfellas' fame.
    He was disliked in his Nebraskan community.
    He is a drunk.
    Although Henry Hill was in hiding, there is a Henry Hill located in Manassas, Virginia that was a civil war site.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He took advantage of the fame he gained from becoming a turncoat and published 2 books.
    He had a book and a movie about his life made.
    He was portrayed by Ray Liotta in the movie 'Goodfellas.'
    He tried many times to quit drinking.
    Many people would like to kill him.
    He joined the Army (1960).
    'Goodfellas' is one of Scorsese's best.
    He left the witness protection program after blowing his cover (1982).
    He is a counselor for young people who are adopting criminal lifestyles.
    Because of him, many dangerous criminals were sent to jail.
    He is a regular guest on the Howard Stern Show.

Credit: Captain Howdy and El Profe

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