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Dolores Del Rio

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The Resume

    (August 3, 1905-April 11, 1983)
    Birth Name is Dolores Martinez Asunsolo y Lopez Negrete
    Acted in 'Joanna (1925),' 'High Steppers (1926),' 'Pals First (1926),' 'What Price Glory (1926),' 'The Whole Towns Talking (1926),' 'Resurrection (1927),' 'The Loves of Carmen (1927),' 'The Gateway to the moon (1928),' 'The Trail of 98' (1928), 'Ramona (1928),' 'No Other Woman,' 'The Red Dance (1928),' 'Revenge (1928),' 'Evangeline (1929),' 'The Bad One (1930),' 'Girl of the Rio (1932),' 'Bird of Paradise (1932),' 'Flying down to Rio (1932),' 'Wonder Bar (1934),' 'Madame DuBarry (1934),' 'In Caliente (1935),' 'Lancer Spy (1937),' 'The Devil's Playground (1937),' 'International Settlement (1938),' 'Journey into fear 91942),' 'The Fugitive (1947),' 'Flaming Star (1960),' 'Cheyenne Autumn (1964),' 'More Than a Miracle (1967)' and 'The Children of Sanchez (1978)'

Why she might be annoying:

    She married at sixteen.
    She divorced twice.
    She was typecast a Latin girl.
    Her Nickname was Lolita.
    She was called 'The Female Rudolph Valentino.'
    Her wealthy family lost nearly everything during the Mexican Revolution.
    She was educated in a convent.
    Her romance with Orson Welles caused her second divorce.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was one of the first Mexican movie stars to have worldwide recognition.
    Her name Dolores Del Rio was her actual married name.
    She had no trouble switching to talkies when they became popular.
    She did a nude scene in 'Birds of Paradise (1932).'
    She preserved her beauty.
    She was very popular in her native homeland, Mexico.
    She invented her own diet and exercise program.
    She and four other female screen legends are represented on the gazebo near the entrance to the Hollywood walk of Fame (the other four being Dorothy Dandridge, Anna May Wong, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe).
    She has been awarded 3 Silver Ariel Awards.
    She has a star on the walk of fame.
    Her Cousin was Ramon Navarro.

Credit: Buddy

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