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Chris Watts

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The Resume

    Resided in Frederick, Colorado
    Convicted of killing his wife Shanann and two young daughters Bella and Celeste (November 6, 2018)
    Killings occured on August 13, 2018
    Given three life sentences
    Also given an extra 84 years on top of the three life sentences
    Former oil field worker
    Was 33-years old at the time of conviction

Why he might be annoying:

    He pulled a Scott Peterson by living a double life with a girlfriend and a family – then killing his pregnant wife.
    He and his wife were members a multi-level marketing company.
    His wife could be seen wearing the MLM company's patches (that supposedly deliver nutrition through the skin) in most of her social media pictures.
    Investigators believed he smothered his girls dead before his wife returned from a weekend business trip; upon her return, he strangled her.
    He took all three bodies to an oil field where he buried his wife in a shallow grave and stuffed his daughters' bodies in tanks.
    He tried to convince authorities that he found his girls dead and strangled his wife in response.
    A neighbor's surveillance video caught him backing his truck into his garage (to load three dead bodies into them) the day the murders occur.
    While police were investigating his victims' 'disappearance,' he was making arrangements to sell the family home and googling romantic vacation spots to take his girlfriend to.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He resembles comedian Tom Green.
    His case shows that lives that appear Instagram perfect could be far from ideal.
    He pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty.
    His crime, trial and conviction all happened in a relatively short time frame.
    His parents and sister, present at the trial and conviction, told him they forgive him and still love him when the court had them issue statements.
    His father in law called him an evil monster in his own impact statement telling him that prison was too good for him.
    His brother in law (Shanann's brother) angrily addressed him, criticizing him for taking away his best friend (Shanann) and two of the sweetest girls he ever knew (his nieces).
    Part of his 84-year sentence factored in the death of his unborn son Nico.

Credit: battyx3

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