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Rhode Island

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The Resume

    (May 29, 1790- )
    13th state to join
    Founded by William Blackstone (1635)
    Charter granted (July 8, 1663)
    Nickname: Little Rhody (unofficial)
    Capital: Providence
    Size: 1214 square miles (ranks 50th)
    Motto: Hope
    Bird: Rhode Island Red (Hen)
    Flower: Violet
    Tree: Red Maple
    Song: Rhode Island

Why Rhode Island might be annoying:

    Rhode Island wanted total independence but eventually became the thirteenth and last of the the original colonies to join the U.S. (May 29, 1790).
    It is the smallest state and has the longest name: 'State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.'

Why Rhode Island might not be annoying:

    Roger Williams established a Puritan Church in Massachusetts (1631) as a refuse from religious intolerance, but became one of the most intolerant religions. The church eventually banished Roger Williams, who fled to Rhode Island and built a baptist church.
    Roger Williams offered total freedom of religion, which brought exiles and religious dissenters to Rhode Island.
    The oldest Jewish synagogue in America is in Rhode Island.
    Rhode Island had the world's most democratic government (1663).
    America's poultry industry was founded in Rhode Island.
    George M. Cohan and Nap Lajoie were born in Rhode Island.
    The movies 'Outside Providence' and 'Me, Myself and Irene' were set in Rhode Island.
    The TV series 'Doctor Doctor' was set in Rhode Island.

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